Achieving a balanced life doesn't have to be all- consuming. It's my passion to help people reach their full potential by finding sustainable solutions that fit their lifestyles.  

Health & Wellness support

During our time together we will focus on areas in your life where you can make the most improvements with the least amount of stress. We will explore sustainable wellness goals that fit within your lifestyle and that bring out your best self.


We will consider how all parts of your life, such as eating, physical activity, sleep, work environment, and family life, affect your health and happiness.

Below is a sample of topic areas we might cover during your health coaching experience: 

  • Navigate the complex world of food and eating 

  • Time saving tips for shopping, food prep, and cooking

  • Guidance for specific diets

  • Discover what movement brings you joy

  • Creative approaches to implement physical activity into your routine

  • Stress management strategies 

  • Achievable sleep tips to make the most of your time in bed

  • Evaluation of your chronobiology to make the most of your time awake

  • Time management tips to prioritize sleep

Additional Services

Fridge & Pantry




Grocery Store


  • Discuss the pros and cons of items in your refrigerator and pantry 

  • Find healthy and tasty alternatives to some of your favorite foods 

  • Food prep hacks 

  • Assessing your home in relation to your health

  • Setting up your space to make healthy habits and facilitate flow

  • More info: Interior Wellness Design

  • Identifying and getting creative with
    your food staples 

  • Understanding food labels and 
    ingredient lists

  • Money saving tips and bulk buying

What to Expect 

Step 1: A complimentary phone consultation. Contact me here and let me know a couple of times that work for you. 


Step 2: I’ll recommend a plan based on our conversation. Before our first session, I’ll have you fill out an online health history and goal questionnaire. We will pick a place to meet (library, coffee shop, grocery store, etc) that is convenient for you. 


Step 3: During your first visit we will: review current lifestyle patterns, discuss your goals and aspirations, and create a clear action plan. 

Note: If you choose an additional service, I will explain the process of the service during our phone consult.


about Me

Hello! I’m Alison Mailander and I live in Minneapolis with my husband and son. I have a masters in public health and am a certified health coach. I’ve spent the last nine years working in behavior change research and health promotion.


Several years back, my broader health interest got more personal. I experienced what I thought were minor health issues, which turned out to be a larger immune imbalance within my body. I received helpful advice from my providers, but realized I needed help putting that advice into action. I participated in health coaching sessions, attended workshops, and kept up on health and wellness research. The process inspired me to become a health and wellness coach and help others in their journey to better health.

I also have a deep love for making spaces comfortable and assessing
how our homes relate to our health. My interior wellness design plan
lays out a unique approach to improving your health and wellness. 


Contact me

Send a message in the form below or email, text/call | Tel: 239-410-3105