Interior Wellness Design 

Assessing your home in relation to your health

Changing behavior is difficult, but setting up a healthy space makes it easier. 


During a home visit, we  take a room-by-room tour of your space (based on your comfort level). This serves as a framework for your health assessment. We will discuss interior solutions that can set you up for healthy routines. 


food prep, staples, systems

Dining Area

food culture, eating habits 


sleep, routines


self care, digestion

Living Room

 hygge, interactions, clutter

Outdoor Space

movement, nature quota

*Flow and lighting can also be reviewed for all rooms

The Interior Wellness Design service is a 60 minute home visit and a detailed write-up of the goals, tips, and changes we discuss.  As always, there is an option for in-person or phone follow-up sessions.